About the Linkbook project

The idea of a website where the user can store useful and interesting links first came up in my mind in September 2009.
Back then the main idea of the project was clear, but I did not had the needed experience to start the developing process.
Now, almost 3 years later, I have the experience and I managed to developed the app in less then 24 hours.
Because I work in the IT domain, each day I face new challenges when it comes to developing web apps.

The IT domain changes so fast and new stuff appears daily, like, from nowhere. It's like: puff, oh, this is new, wasn't there yesterday!
In the office, at my working place, I receive useful or interesting links daily from my colleagues and I want to store them.
You might say: why not use Google Chrome with the sync option, or not use the bit.ly service?
I use them both, but I consider that the options available are not enough, or they are to complicated.
I also use a web service called IFTTT, short from IF THIS THEN THAT, and this service messes with all my links, and this I can't allow.

Now, let me describe what this web service does:
When a logged in member finds a useful link, and uses the bookmarklet, two things happen:
1. the link with the original title and description gets saved in the database, and from now on the link with the original title and description is available for all the members/visitors;
2. the member has the ability to customize the title and the description of the link; the custom link title and description is available only for the member; this way we keep the original title and description and each member can customize the link;